It's so beautiful and filled
with so much love Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers
Founder of the Strong Girls’ Club

Welcome to Little Light Publishing

These are the books no one wants to write, for children and families in the club no one wants to be in - we wish they weren’t needed, but they are necessary. 

  • Where will I find Little Light’s books?

    In short, here! These are small runs, with a fabulously skilled family-run printers in Norwich.

  • Premium quality

    We do not scrimp on quality, story sharing is a time-honoured tradition in all known cultures and a precious time together for any humans. Therefore, the story itself must be durable and beautiful, with a story that draws the reader in along with the listener, through rhyming prose.

  • Where we’re going

    We are hoping to be going into the libraries very, very soon! We may also sell on Amazon depending on appetite for sales online, through this site.