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Maybe You Might (Hardback)

Maybe You Might (Hardback)

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From our friends at Lantana, s by Imogen Foxell & Anna Cunha

"This gorgeous book shimmers with hope and possibilities. Narrated in beautiful, uplifting, lyrical verse by the child, this lovely book is about the glorious fulfillment of hope and supports the idea that one small person might change the world." STARRED Kirkus Review

 An earth-themed mantra for our times, gorgeously illustrated by the artist behind 'A Story About Afiya' and 'Anita and the Dragons'. They said I couldn't change the world; it wasn't worth the fight. But in my head, a small voice said...maybe you might. A young girl makes a choice to plant a seed by a long dead riverbed. Little does she know that from this single, small act, a vibrant ecosystem will grow. This inspiring poem - bursting with hope for a greener world - is a love letter to our ailing planet. It shows us that even when the future appears most bleak, each one of us can make a difference.

For age 2+.
Hardcover, printed on sustainably-sourced paper with plant-based inks.

Publication date

1st September 2022

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